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Monsoon Wedding
Vijay Bedi worked with his father Naresh Bedi on Mira Nair’s famous film ‘Monsoon Wedding’.  The film was showcased at the Venice film festival where it won Best Film award. Naresh Bedi filmed several scenes in documentary style and his son Vijay was the camera assistant for the second unit.
The Forest
Ajay and Vijay Bedi worked  with their father Naresh Bedi and uncle Rajesh Bedi as the  Wildlife unit crew for the feature film titled “The Forest’. The film, directed by Oscar nominee Asvin Kumar, is a thriller based in the Indian Jungles on man-eating leopards. The film was shot on super 35mm which is a first for wildlife film making in India. The crew was able to capture some exceptional and rare wildlife footage for the film.
Behind the Scene - The Forest
Inshallah, Kashmir
'There's no better way of understanding Kashmir right now' said Tehelka magazine about Oscar nominated Ashvin Kumar's latest: 'Inshallah, football'- a documentary that does the difference. The film won the National Film Award. Directed by Ashvin Kumar and additional cinematography id done by Vijay Bedi for the film. 

A feature-length documentary called Marathon Boy was released in 2011 covering a young boy from rural Orissa. The documentary was funded by HBO & BBC. MARATHON BOY is the story of a four-year-old boy who is picked from the slums of India by his coach and trained to become India's greatest runner, but what starts as a real Slumdog Millionaire turns into the stuff of film noir: a tale of greed, envy and broken dreams.

Directed by Gemma Atwal's and additional director of cinematography is done by Vijay Bedi and production sound done by Ajay Bedi. We worked on numerous film sequences but one sequence stand out most is when Budhia, ran an epic recording breaking 40 miles in almost 93 degree heat, slim boy was soaked in sweat and dangerously dehydrated.

To capture this moment we were running alongside Budhia with almost 15kg camera on shoulder's keeping up the pace sometime even on a motor bike to capture the image. After reaching the stadium, Budhia who was running in the scorching heat just collapsed and started to throw up even as we were rolling the camera. We were in tears watching this unfold before our eyes and in fact had to switch off our cameras for a while to give ourselves and the boy some time to recover!