Bedi Universal
Ajay Bedi & Vijay Bedi are the third generation of wildlife film makers in a family, that has a long history of expertise in this highly specialized field. Starting young , they are in fact the youngest Asians to have won the Wildscreen Awards known as Green Oscar for their films – The Policing Langur and the “Cherub of the Mist”.
The twin brothers have worked on natural history documentaries , films with a social message and corporate films for some of the biggest international names in the industry.

They have worked with various national and international channels like CNN International, Aljazeera English, Canadian Television, BBC, Channel 4 Television, Doordarshan, PBS Now, TF1 French Channel, ZDF Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and Discovery Science Channel.

Ranjana Bedi is based in Canada and heading Bedi Universal INC.

Ranjana is elder sister of Ajay & Vijay and she too have been involved with filmmnaking from a early age. She has written environment and Indian wildlife in sections in the newspapers and various magazines. She has worked on a wide range of filming projects.

She has done video film production (direction) from International Center for Religion and Dipolmacy in Delhi. She has produced an advertisement on “Jazz Coke”, another on counterfeit consumer products, and a documentary on the refugee Tibetans living in Delhi on the banks of river ‘Yamuna’.
Based in India and Canada, Bedi Universal owns and operates state of the art post-production facilities - edit suites, graphic stations, sound studios etc. and operates in a completely digital & high definition environment.

Bedi Universal has provided services to leading filmmakers and better known international channels for production of feature films, documentaries, music video, adverting, cooperate films, news & current affairs. Their topics include a wide spectrum of subjects from wildlife to sociology and from science to medicine.
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