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Bedi Brothers Productions provides full production services and facilities for Photography, Film, Adverting, Cooperate Videos, Documentary, News, Current Affairs and video productions, including fixers, HD camera crews, uplink and editing facilities in India & South Asia.

Bedi Brothers Productions is the expert when it comes to filming in India & South Asia. With years of experience of providing top-quality production services and producing co-productions seen all over the world, Bedi Brothers Productions is India’s leading production company. When it comes to filming in India, we are the experts and we want to share our years of valuable expertise and unbeatable knowledge with you.

Bedi Brothers Productions has provided camera crews for numerous of American, European and Asian film and video productions arriving to India & South Asia. We offer a wide range of services and facilities for news, documentary, film and video productions - editing and uplink services, all managed by our experienced producers throughout India, Srilanka, Nepal, Burma, Seoul and many more.

We are one stop, high definition production house, specializing in catering for the needs and requirements of customers from all over the world, visiting producers and camera crews.

We are proud to say that we work with the best film and video professionals in these places - camera crews, post production staff and other professionals are all fluent in English (many of them speak other languages as well) and very experienced in international productions. We can provide any video camera shoot or audio production services while keeping the budget low and using our accumulated experience to achieve an efficient and successful production.

Our client base includes production companies, broadcasters and independent producers mainly from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, as well as commercial companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Our level of involvement in each production varies: from filming to editing in field to 2D or 3D animation in studio.  

Our customers are production companies and broadcasters from all over the world, as well as public and private organizations and commercial companies.
Formats: our camera crews and video editors work in all camera formats: , HDCAM, XDCAM, HDV & DVCAM, all in PAL and NTSC. Our camera crews are equipped with Canon, Sony and Panasonic high definition cameras.

Film : Film cameras and professional film camera crews are available in India (35mm / 16mm), but be advised that there are no commercial processing labs in the New Delhi, all is done in Mumbai mainly.
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